Did you know that 90% of fat loss results are derived from what you put in your mouth? That’s right…you can exercise every day but if you are not watching your nutrition, your results will suffer dramatically.

DBS feels that everyone deserves help with their nutrition. This is why we offer our DBS Nutrition Solution FREE to anyone who purchases a training package. We want you to achieve optimum results, and having a quality nutrition guideline is essential to that.


The DBS Nutrition Solution is just that…a solution to “diets” that plague and ultimately fail individuals time and time again. We teach sustainable habits, those that can be taught, practiced, and learned in order to avoid common pitfalls. We keep it simple by eliminating calorie counting and instead focus on wise food choices, portion control, and timely eating to provide the quickest and safest fat loss results.

Our system will allow you to journal your meals, get a grade for your daily input and show you how to fix any deficiencies. No need to worry about how or where to get more protein, healthy fats, carbs, vitamins & minerals, our system will tell you exactly what you need in order to create balanced, nutritious meals specifically for you and your bodies needs, providing real food suggestions based on your favourite foods!

Not into building your own meal plans or keeping a food journal? We’ve got you covered. You will have access to hundreds of ready-made meal plans – including vegetarian and vegan options.

Contact us to set up your program today!