There are several ways to get in shape at DBS, and we'd be happy to help you decide which is best for you based on your current level of fitness and your workout preferences. To get started, we suggest you purchase one of the deeply discounted INTRO SPECIALS outlined here. These packages give you enough sessions to allow you to start making a habit of your new fitness lifestyle. We want to help you MAKE IT STICK THIS TIME!

Our Intro Specials cover our three most popular workout options: EPiC Classes, Signature Classes and Signature Multi-Client Training. Here's an outline of what you can expect in each:

These hour-long classes include four different types of workouts: EPiC HYBRID (a unique combination of Strength & Cardio), EPiC STRENGTH (functional Strength training), EPiC CARDIO (HIIT using our many Cardio options) and EPiC MINDBODY (Yoga-based flexibility & strength). An EPiC package gives you access 60 classes per week including all four class types so you can tailor a full-body strength, cardio and flexibility program to suit your needs. The best value if you plan to attend 3 or more classes per week is in our EPiC UNLIMITED membership which gives you access to as many classes as you want – from over 200 per month – for $199/month.

These classes are a DBS specialty and are taught by David Snively only. From teaching his famous aerobics classes on TV, he has modernized and developed the DBS Signature Program with a variety of unique equipment and exercises. All participants follow the same workout, at the same time, at their own personalized level in an intense strength and endurance challenging class. Class sizes are limited so you'll have a little more room to spread out and can expect more attention from your trainer.

This is a great way to start if you haven't been physically active for a while OR if you're looking for a specialized program to focus on certain sports, strengths, weakness or injuries. You will be guided through your workout by a trainer assigning exercises that fit into your goals and your fitness level. Meet our trainers here.

If you want the dedicated attention of a trainer for 100% of your workout, this is your best option. You can either train at our studio, taking advantage of our extensive equipment, or our trainers will come to you, wherever you are, whenever you need them (almost). You can find packages and pricing on these options on our RATES page.

If you are still unsure which route is best for you, please call or contact us using the form on this page. We look forward to seeing you at DBS!

  • Unlimited EPiC Classes
  • $33/hour
  • 3 Signature Classes or Training
  • Total $99

Note that our Intro Specials apply to Montreal residents and first-time DBS guests only.Packages are non-transferable: EPiC packages can not be used for Signature classes/training and vice versa. All other terms and conditions outlined on our Rates page apply to intro specials.